17 November 2014

Harlequin Crab in Manado

Found Herlequin Crab (Lissocarcinus Laevis) at Odyssea 1. Photo taken by James Mamoto.

Hairy Shrimp in Sekotong Lombok

Found hairt shrimp in Sekotong Lombok! Special thanks to Randi Ang.

02 November 2014

Xeno crab in Mando.

Xeno crab at Aba Point in Manado. Photo taken by James Mamoto

30 October 2014

Back to Cocotinos

Please let me take this opportunity to inform that I (Miki Mori) came back to Cocotinos on 24th Sep 2014. I’m based in Cocorinos Manado however if you need Japanese staff in Cocotinos Lombok when you visit there, please feel free to contact us. Cocotinos Manado: info.desk@cocotinos-manado.com OR Cocorinos Sekotong Lombok: info.desk@cocotinos-sekotong.com I’m more than happy to go there to host!

28 October 2014

Molting of Pink Squat Lobster in Sekotong Lombok

Amazing! Molting of hairy squat lobster in Sekotong Lombok. Thank you Randi Ang, to letting us to use your photo!

18 October 2014

In Sekotong Lombok

We found Pygmy Pipehorse at Rengit Barat in Sektong Lombok! Special thanks to Klemens.

11 October 2014

at Lekuan 1 in Manado

Green turtle was taking a rest at Lekuan1. Photo taken by James Mamoto.