25 December 2010

Christmas Dives around Sekotong

This Christmas spent in Sekotong, Lombok brought many firsts. Our first Christmas celebrated by in Cocotinos Sekotong & Odyssea Divers and also our first big sighting... The Manta Ray.

Besides the big star of the day, a little white leaf scorpion fish also made it's presence

Special Thanks to Ti-Hwei (Singapore) for letting us have the video and photo to use.

22 December 2010

Nudibranch at Gili Gede

Odyssea Divers @ Sekotong
::: Beautiful nudibranch(Ceratosoma alleni) at Gili Gede!! Photo taken by Tse Chi Keung Ken(Hong Kong). Thank you Ken.

17 December 2010

Who says Manado is just Macro? Whark Shark Spotted at Tiwoho!

Cocotinos Manado: A rare day out diving with Martinus was paid off with a rarer sighting of a Whale Shark. Photos were taken from Mobile Phones as there weren't any one with a better set up! Well, any photo is better than no photo!

10 December 2010

That Frogfish at Will's Beach!

Odyssea Divers @ Sekotong :: Here's the image taken by Kyu Furumi (Japan).. THAT'S the Frog Fish found by Drew! More photos from Kyu coming up!