31 May 2011

Donald Silcocks' Comprehensive feature on Diving North Sulawesi

Some of you may have heard of Don and/or come across one of his many articles in various dive and adventure magazines. Besides being just a photo journalist, Don also goes the extra mile to comprehensively study each destination that he visits beyond just diving them, one of them being the North Sulawesi. If you want to know more than just the fishes in the sea, follow this link to read about the geographical history, how diving started in Manado, the Indonesian through-flow and the Wallace Line, this is it!

Form his website, you can find many other resources and while you are there, why not sign up for updates from his site!

11 May 2011

ADEX 2011

Cocotinos and Odyssea Divers, together with the owner, TM would like to thank the organisers especially Jonathan Lin, Aaron Wong, Priscilla Ang, James Ng (ScubAddiction), LivingSeas and all our fantastic supporters for a hugely successful ADEX2011.

Besides the highlight of our Dive Guide, James Mamoto (Odyssea Manado) winning the best individual award, there was an overwhelming response to our ADEX Promotion as well as a tremendous show of support from our previous guests living in Singapore by bringing their friends whom have not experience our hospitality and resorts to recommend them to choose us if they were to go to Manado or Lombok in future. Nothing sells better than having our regular guests be our promoters!

You have till 14 May to take advantage of our ADEX 2011 Promotions if you have not done so. If you cannot decide the dates yet, just put the deposit down to lock in the promotion and leave your dates open. Once you have your dates, let us know and we will follow up with you. It is an offer not to be missed, and perhaps not to be repeated. Email us today!

ADEX 2012 will be in Singapore, but this time it will be held in Marina Bay Sands. Dates have yet to be confirmed.

We have some exciting news to release soon that will give divers who always travel in groups a chance to experience Cocotinos and Odyssea Divers at a better value package! Be the first to know by joining our mailing list. Sign up here

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