21 January 2011

Cocotinos and Odyssea Divers - The Venue for Underwater Festival 2011

Cocotinos and Odyssea Divers Manado are proud to be one of the venues for the first AustralAsian Challenge as part of the Underwater Festival 2011. From 2nd to 11th of September, Resorts, including Cocotinos Manado & Sekotong, will be the venue where participants of the AustralAsia Challenge will stay and dive with taking photos or video and submitting their best in various categories to the challenge for the judges to pick the winners! The Australasia Challenge is  simultaneous photo and video shootout competition like no other with  over U$100,000 in prizes to be won! More...

Cocotinos and Odyssea Divers will be launching early bird special promotional packages with itinerary specific to the AustralAsia Challenge soon. During the challenge period, we will be hosting 1 or 2 in-house accomplished (celebrity) photographers where you will be able to consult and gain some valuable tips to help you take winning shots!

Still tuned for more press releases, in the mean time... drop us an email and let us know you will be keen so that you will be the first to get the promotions and updates!