13 October 2010

Odyssea @ Lombok Dive Sites

Odyssea, Lombok :: We have been asked often one of the most common questions ever since we started our operations in tandem with our newest Cocotinos resort in West Sekotong, Lombok.

"What can we see diving there?"

After weeks of diving and having many old buddies and new ones come to Lombok to visit us and help "research" the known sites as well as explore new ones and we are very pleased with the results. Either the experience of diving and operating in Manado has given us a keener eye in spotting macro or is it just that we are lucky? You can be the judge.

Please visit our West Sekotong dive site information page on our website. The top banner sliding images are shots taken while diving our sites in West Sekotong. For more images, Dave Harasti's site is one of the more complete collection and uploaded for public viewing . Dave has also written an article which will be featured in a few magazines.

images by dave harasti

A few known sites were taken out from a map that we could find and 4 new ones were added. There is no dive sites map on our web pages, so if you want to see OUR dive sites map (not just any map), you will have to come and dive with us.

The star site to mention would be "Will's Beach" which is a site discovered by us and we named it after a Dave's son, William. After Dave left Lombok, Ronni (our dive guide from Manado) found a sea horse which Dave was very sure that we will have it at our sites and just last week, Drew found the Mimic Octopus (Edit: Another Find of a Rare Frog Fish which is said to be an undescribed species by a Frog Fish Guru). Both were found in Will's beach and photos to prove!

We look forward to welcoming our regulars to dive with us in Lombok and certainly look forward to meeting new divers and show them how diving with Odyssea is different.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to email us at odyssea@cocotinos-sekotong.com

Special Thanks to ScubAddiction's group (Singapore), Sol, Andy, Kym, Darren, Cham, Mahen, Dave Harasti, Aengus Moran, Shinici-San, Kyu Furumi and the divers who dived with us since August that were patient and helped us put together our dive sites.